We often highlight a specific project based on the particular skill set in an isolated field of the industrial maintenance sector.  However, our recent projects each delivered such successful results and highlighted a key aspect of R&D’s service, namely, our multi-skilled operational expertise that it made it impossible to only pick one signed-off project.

In the past month we successfully signed-off on the painting of an operational cement plant, asbestos sheeting removal at a school, a factory roof sheeting replacement project and the removal of asbestos pipes at a water treatment facility.  In addition we also launched Phase 2 of the roof design and replacement for Coca Cola Canners and the replacement of a 54 000m² over-roofing project at Nissan Rosslyn.

This list of projects is impressive enough when spaced over a year’s operations let alone a month.  It requires meticulous planning, accommodation of clients’ requirements and internal policies as well as the identification and management of a variety of risks and challenges. Any compromise in the co-ordination, planning, materials acquisition or staff complement on any of these projects would have resulted in serious consequences for all parties concerned.

Thanks to the excellent management skills, training and flexible command structure inherent in R&D Contracting we managed to provide our clients with top level service.  On each of these projects we exceeded the client’s expectations by meeting commencement schedules, submitting compliant safety files, delivering on time and in budget and achieving 100% safety records.

The scheduled completion of these multiple projects, spanning an extensive range of disciplines.