By continuously investing in training and development, R&D Contracting is able to stay at the forefront when it comes to delivering comprehensive solutions to clients.  This approach to knowledge and expertise includes the full R&D staff complement.   Most recently, our sales, project management and supervisory teams were sent on a Confined Space Access development course which included the legal definitions, requirements for confined space activity, prescribed testing and approved safety and work procedure methodologies.

This knowledge gives R&D Contracting staff the ability to provide the client with the best recommendations and counter measures for a high risk situation from our initial contact with the client through to on-site completion.  Our insight gives us the ability to identify any unforeseen circumstances and risks that often go unnoticed, until something goes wrong, usually very rapidly and with fatal consequences.

Most companies focus on the big picture or the end-result when it comes to plant cleaning projects and are not equipped to account for the minute details and site applications required when simply undertaking a plant cleaning project.  However, not  knowing the law does not preclude one from adhering to the requirements of the law.

This is where R&D rises above the run-of-the mill contracting service provider. By having well trained, competent staff who can analyse a site, determine the risks and requirements, specify the best products and methodolgy, we can present a comprehensive solution to the client in the initial stages of project approval.  It is this foresight and commitment to safety and service which allows for proper planning, budgeting and running of any project with a minimum of unforseen complications and hazards that could lead to disaster.