R&D Contracting was established in 2006, with the vision of servicing the industrial and commercial sectors of the market by adding a level of service innovation not yet experienced in South Africa. We are certified with a Level 2 BEE, and this status proves our commitment to both the macro transformation compliance, and on a micro level, our synergy and shared objectives within the management team.


To streamline an organisation effectively means not only ensuring that you’re big enough for the task, yet small enough to work swiftly through the delivery, but more importantly to maintain control in the right areas with a hands-on approach, all without losing sight of the work at hand.

At R&D Contracting, we subscribe to a ‘tripod management style’ in all our operations whereby our clients are able to deal directly with the three company managers – the General Manager, Production Manager and Sales Manager – when required.

The hands-on work ethic and down-to-earth attributes of our Managers themselves is a clear advantage when instilling the quality control from the top of the company down to all staff involved on-site.